Parquet Deformations

“A deformation, well it’s somewhere in between a distortion and a transformation”. Quote by Douglas Hofstadter, Scientific American, Band 07, 1983, p. 12-18; „Parquet Deformations: Patterns that Shift Gradually in One Dimension.“ The aspect of metamorphosis or transformation is a most interesting feature and possibility of planar patterns, which we know through the work of [...]


Update 20. 10. 2018. Before 2017 my main research topic was the historical development of geometrical patterns in architecture, and how to use this traditional methods to design new patterns. Since 2017 I am expanding my research by looking into other sciences like mathematics, and crystallography. I got fascinated by the world of polyhedrons, space-filling [...]


Der erneuerte Einsatz von Muster und eine kristalline Formensprache in der Architektur ist bemerkenswert. Hier ein paar Beispiele, Kollagen die ich meine Pinterest-gallerie entnommen habe. Für die jeweilige Referenzen: