SPACE TESSELLATIONS – experimenting with parquet deformations


Design and geometry

Tackling a topic that has particular appeal in the age of digital design, this well-founded introduction to the subject of parquet deformation fills a gap. These subtle, intricate geometric transformations, best known through the “Metamorphosis” series by M. C. Escher, were introduced to design curricula by American professor William S. Huff in the 1960s. The book brings together scholarly articles by the most important authors in the field and material collected in the archives of the Ulm School of Design in Germany, juxtaposed with extensive illustrations of two- and three-dimensional works created at the Vienna University of Technology.

Written for anyone interested in the fields of design and geometry, this book aims to inform and inspire.

  • Well-grounded introduction to the design world of parquetry
  • Contributions by William S. Huff, Douglas R. Hofstadter, Cornelie Leopold, Craig S. Kaplan, and Jay Bonner et al.
  • Extensive image section with 2- and 3-dimensional examples

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