The Ambassadors

Updated 2022.

“Ambassadors try to facilitate relations between different countries; they are “messengers” and “connectors”. Their task is to bring people, interests and countries closer together. The Hall of the Ambassadors was, as most of the Alhambra Palace, designed by an Arabic architect. Of all the motifs in the Hall, two specific ones “speak” a more universal formal language, and are, like music, understood instinctively by people around the world.  It is as if the architect wanted to make a statement by placing these motifs in the most important symbolic locations in a style totally different from the other motifs in the room. These two motifs can be seen as seed germs, symbols of “enspacement,” of development in space. They symbolize growth, harmony, and unity. They are messengers or Ambassadors, who open our heart and soul to harmony, love, and peace. They stand above cultures, religious institutions or political systems. They have the power to unite people. These patterns and ornaments remind us of the timeless universal message of love. These designs all have a strong focus; they lead viewers to “center“ themselves. They are an abstract cosmos showing the universal message of love and peace, where everything is connected, a visualization of a protective haven for people who work for good relations between nations and people around the world. “The Ambassadors” is dedicated to all people striving for peace and harmonic personal and intercultural relations.”

The Ambassadors are available in three printing techniques and dimensions: Silverprint, Chromaluxe or Diasec.

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Nr. 22
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The Ambassadors Nr1 Silverprint

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