Ambassadors or “Botschafter” try to facilitate relations between different countries, they are “messengers” and “connectors”. They are constantly working on good relationships between countries and cultures, they provide “pass-ports” and they are the first institution to talk to if you are in trouble in a foreign country. Ambassadors and their teams play an important role in preventing troubles or even wars. Embassies are a save “heaven” protecting certain values and rights from the home country, their task is to bring people, interests and countries closer together. “The Ambassadors” is a series of designs, inspired by the “Hall of the Ambassadors” in the Alhambra.

The “Hall” or “Room” of the Ambassadors was, as most of the Alhambra Palace, designed by an arabic architect. Only two specific geometrical  motifs don’t look arabic at all. They could as well be of “christian” or of another origin. They “speak” a more universal formal language, and are, like music, understood instinctively by people around the world.  It is as if the architect wanted to make a statement by placing these two motifs on most important, symbolic locations, and made them in style totally different from the rest of the room. Those two motifs were the starting point for this series of designs, they are “ambassadors”, a visualization of a save “heaven” for people who work on good relations and connections between nations and people all around the world.

“The Ambassadors” is dedicated to all people striving for peace and harmonic personal and intercultural relations.


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